Caldwell County Library

Library Closings

The Caldwell County Library cares about the health and safety of our patrons and staff and strives to maintain a safe and productive environment.  Some situations will require the library to close during normal business hours and, in that event, all materials due on that day will be automatically renewed and due on the next day of library service. 

 Although the library will make all reasonable attempts to stay open, severe weather conditions, including but not limited to, snow, ice, cold temperatures and electrical storms may make it necessary to close the library for a period of time.  Extremely cold temperatures or falling snow/ice/precipitation could make it necessary to delay the library open time.  When the high temperatures dip below 5 degrees the library will delay opening by two hours to open at 11 am.  During a winter weather event of snow or ice, the library must give the county crew time to scrape and salt the parking lot and the staff must be able to maintain a clear and safe path to the entrance for everyone's safety.  A delayed start time or a closure may be necessary based on the amounts of precipitation and timing.

As a small-staffed library, there are also times when health issues arise and the library is not able to open.   Additionally, there are situations that may arise regarding the library's electrical, water or heating/cooling systems.  Should any of the main systems breakdown during normal business hours, it may be necessary to close the library.  If this situation occurs, the library will make an attempt to notify the community via the library website and Facebook page.

When the Director makes the decision to close the library, a reasonable attempt will be made to notify the community through various channels.  Facebook, the library website and local media outlets will be updated with the information.  Additionally, the library follows the weather closure policy of the Kingston R42 school district.  If they are closed for a full day, the library will not open.  We will not necessarily close due to a weather-related early release.   Please call the library to determine whether or not we are open prior to driving in unsafe or risky weather conditions